Been a long time my blogger friends

I have officially been employed by the IRS for six months!!! I can honestly say (besides the 9 weeks in Dallas) this time has FLOWN by! Benjamin is now in baseball again; so usually about 3 days a week we're at the park. Cohen isn't interested in anything but the computer, Wii, and DS....dude needs some sunlight! Bob is still a stay-at-home-hubby which is awesome. The last time I had to cook my own food and do my own laundry was Dallas!! I get to go on another 2-3 week trip in September; rumor is either Cincy or Atlanta. I'm routing for Atlanta just because it's close enough to travel back and forth on the weekend and IKEA ~ need I say more????? Of course, Cincy would allow me to see some old friends on the weekends & (right after we left) THEY got an IKEA!!! So either way, I'm pretty comfortable it would be a good trip.

I have a butt-load of projects for QM; even considered moving my clothing to a shop I'd call Pretty Pretty Princess Boutique (PPPB). Of course, then I'd have to keep up with TWO stores!!!! Ah, decisions, decisions.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so life's really not that bad, but I figured I would use this as a precursor to my crazy life and Halloween!!!! I haven't been posted lately (duh!), but that's because life has taken an interesting twist....I am one week and two days into my second set of training. I didn't go home the first four weeks but Bob did visit one weekend. I got 10 VERY short days at home, then back for five more weeks. This time I'm going home every two weeks, but somehow this stint feels so much longer already!!!!

Halloween: My favorite holiday ever!!!!!! I was always sick on Halloween as a child, so I think I try to make up for it now. I decided since the boys are still young (5 & 7), this may be my last chance to dress them up as we (as a clown family) are attending the Boo @ the Zoo on Saturday. The closest I could get Bob into a clown outfit was the clown from the Saw Series (see above). I was a bad seamstress and bought the boys' clown outfits -- truly it was cheaper than to buy fabric, BUT I made mine!!!! OK...I'm still making mine, but it will be done by the time I pack up all my stuff on Thursday. I'm going as Cutesy the Clown!!!!

Our town doesn't really have a REAL trick-or-treat: Today, Benjamin (via the Boys & Girls Club) got to "beg" at the local university. Of course, the college kids went all out, creating a haunted house and had a pizza party for them afterward!!!! Friday at 3pm (YES, 3PM) they can visit the local merchants downtown. THAT'S IT.....REALLY!!!!!! Don't know what the hell's up with these people?????????? OK, most of them are Bible beaters, so it's probably the whole devil/satan/going to hell thing!

Time is ticking away!

I have LESS than five complete days until I leave for Dallas! I thought for sure it would take longer than this to get here. Do you remember the days when it felt like a month to move a week??? Well, I think I've found hyperspeed!!!!! It feels like it should still be July, NOT mid-September!!!!!!! I have so much to do...I haven't started packing, still have a quilt to finish, still getting orders, UGH!!!! My poor family is turned up on its ear.
This image is by one of our favorite artists, Josephine Wall...this one is called, of course, "Time Flies".
The boys had a WONDERFUL time at the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the heat and water, we didn't get many pictures, but the boys are talking about it anyway!!!! Aren't they just adorable in my sun hat!!!! I think they are accepting the two month stint away better than Bob or I!!

Life is taking a strange turn....

We've had this doe coming into our back yard for a couple years now. Last year, she had a fawn; if this is the same one, this year, she does not. She likes eating apples, peaches, and persimmons off the ground and trees. After watching her for a while, she got spook when she saw Bob's red video camera light and hasn't been back. This morning as I was going down the road (a good way away from our house), I saw a doe run across the road. Knowing they don't normally travel alone, I slowed down and looked to her departed direction for followers. Without seeing anything, I traveled cautiously waiting for a runner. I flashed my lights at the cars coming toward me to make them aware of a possible "something" up ahead. Well, when I looked in my rear-view mirror, all I saw were brake lights and a little brown & white ball rolling in the grass. Thankfully the driver pulled over, but I'm afraid little Bambi didn't make it. I didn't cry, but it has effected me all day. I just can't imagine the Momma watching what happened to her baby without being able to run to comfort him/her.

On the lighter side of life, I'm in the midst of CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend we are going to Gulf Shores for our first REAL family vacation!! The boys have not been/seen water like this before. I can't wait to see their faces when we pull up. We're planning on going to a refuge which supports all the Gulf wildlife, like 2,000 lbs turtles, all the birds you could imagine (especially pelicans & herrons), and even alligators! I would also like to take a ride on a chartered boat to see if we can find some dolphins or manatees swimming in the Gulf of Mexico! I think Bob's even going to take Benjamin parasailing!

Of course, when we get back is when the real fun begins!!!! I'm going to have to start getting my stuff ready for at least FOUR weeks in Dallas. Then during Columbus Day week, I'll have to wash all my clothes and pack again for another FIVE weeks in Dallas. I'm planning to mail my sewing machine to the hotel and pack a bag full of only fabric & fabric accessories! The boys still do not know of my plans, but I'm waiting for all hell to break loose when they do. I've only been separated from them for a weekend throughout either of their short little lives. So needless to say, I might have to get a webcam to take with me! Please hope for the safety of the children, as Daddy Hitler takes over. He is so much stricter (and moodier lately) than I am. So hopefully they will not have dents in the floor where they've had to stand in the corner for weeks on end. But then again, he's usually nicer to them when I'm out of the picture, so hopefully this is the case this time. I couldn't imagine spending 10 weeks in his wrath!!!!

My little boys are all grown up

This is absolutely my favorite picture! Benjamin is assisting his brother on the first day of school. He made sure he followed all the rules on the bus and found his way to his classroom. What are big brothers for?????

This is the end of their first day at Kindergarten & Second Grade. Both decided they were going back the next day :o)

Craziness ensues as the days go by

OK, well...we started out with me going to the IRS and Bob being a SAHD. Well, things have gotten more interesting from there. Mom and Dad have been considering for some time moving closer to us, so they could help with the boys (hence, the reason they moved 500+ miles). They are currently in a different town & school district, so this summer has proven very difficult since Mom has been keeping Cohen. Anyway, they decided to start looking at what was out there and planned to move sometime after school started since housing sales are always lower & prices will get lower as well. Surprise...they have found a house they've fallen in love with and decided to see what it will take to put their house on the market & buy this one. It's 3 minutes away from the elementary school!!!!!!! About 7 minutes away from us!!!!!

So now, it's to the point where Bob can go back to work whenever they finally get moved since the boys will get on & off the bus at Nan & Pap's house. The school has already started taking money out for the boys' after school care ($150 EACH)!!!! We'll have to wait and see how the next chapter turns out!

I keep getting more info & requests from the IRS. I swear I'm having to fill out 5,000 different forms. And I'm still not guaranteed anything since I have to get a background check, fingerprints, & tax checks! Don't foresee any problems, but I'm not giving my notice yet either...never know what types of freaky things can happen.

We got through the visit unscathed!!!

Well, the Father-in-law has come and gone. At least our house is clean, but our boys are disappointed they came & left so quickly. It was a whirlwind; of course, I missed most of it since I was at work.

I was able to finish my most recent strapless dress order this weekend. I really didn't think it was going to turn out well since the fabric was so overbearing, but I think the dark blue grounded it nicely!!!
The boys start school next Thursday (8/13). Bob is excited to be rejoining the ranks of Stay-at-home dads! I haven't received my packet from the IRS yet, but as of Wednesday it will only be seven days since my upgraded offer, so I still have three days after that before I get worried. I've found some interesting websites for Federal employees which has helped immensely... especially since I'm such a "planner" <~~~~~read CONTROL FREAK. I'm still trying to figure out how to get my sewing maching & serger to Dallas, but I guess I got over a month to figure that out...but if it was anything like July, it will be over before you know it!!!!

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