Craziness ensues as the days go by

OK, well...we started out with me going to the IRS and Bob being a SAHD. Well, things have gotten more interesting from there. Mom and Dad have been considering for some time moving closer to us, so they could help with the boys (hence, the reason they moved 500+ miles). They are currently in a different town & school district, so this summer has proven very difficult since Mom has been keeping Cohen. Anyway, they decided to start looking at what was out there and planned to move sometime after school started since housing sales are always lower & prices will get lower as well. Surprise...they have found a house they've fallen in love with and decided to see what it will take to put their house on the market & buy this one. It's 3 minutes away from the elementary school!!!!!!! About 7 minutes away from us!!!!!

So now, it's to the point where Bob can go back to work whenever they finally get moved since the boys will get on & off the bus at Nan & Pap's house. The school has already started taking money out for the boys' after school care ($150 EACH)!!!! We'll have to wait and see how the next chapter turns out!

I keep getting more info & requests from the IRS. I swear I'm having to fill out 5,000 different forms. And I'm still not guaranteed anything since I have to get a background check, fingerprints, & tax checks! Don't foresee any problems, but I'm not giving my notice yet either...never know what types of freaky things can happen.


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