Life is taking a strange turn....

We've had this doe coming into our back yard for a couple years now. Last year, she had a fawn; if this is the same one, this year, she does not. She likes eating apples, peaches, and persimmons off the ground and trees. After watching her for a while, she got spook when she saw Bob's red video camera light and hasn't been back. This morning as I was going down the road (a good way away from our house), I saw a doe run across the road. Knowing they don't normally travel alone, I slowed down and looked to her departed direction for followers. Without seeing anything, I traveled cautiously waiting for a runner. I flashed my lights at the cars coming toward me to make them aware of a possible "something" up ahead. Well, when I looked in my rear-view mirror, all I saw were brake lights and a little brown & white ball rolling in the grass. Thankfully the driver pulled over, but I'm afraid little Bambi didn't make it. I didn't cry, but it has effected me all day. I just can't imagine the Momma watching what happened to her baby without being able to run to comfort him/her.

On the lighter side of life, I'm in the midst of CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!! This weekend we are going to Gulf Shores for our first REAL family vacation!! The boys have not been/seen water like this before. I can't wait to see their faces when we pull up. We're planning on going to a refuge which supports all the Gulf wildlife, like 2,000 lbs turtles, all the birds you could imagine (especially pelicans & herrons), and even alligators! I would also like to take a ride on a chartered boat to see if we can find some dolphins or manatees swimming in the Gulf of Mexico! I think Bob's even going to take Benjamin parasailing!

Of course, when we get back is when the real fun begins!!!! I'm going to have to start getting my stuff ready for at least FOUR weeks in Dallas. Then during Columbus Day week, I'll have to wash all my clothes and pack again for another FIVE weeks in Dallas. I'm planning to mail my sewing machine to the hotel and pack a bag full of only fabric & fabric accessories! The boys still do not know of my plans, but I'm waiting for all hell to break loose when they do. I've only been separated from them for a weekend throughout either of their short little lives. So needless to say, I might have to get a webcam to take with me! Please hope for the safety of the children, as Daddy Hitler takes over. He is so much stricter (and moodier lately) than I am. So hopefully they will not have dents in the floor where they've had to stand in the corner for weeks on end. But then again, he's usually nicer to them when I'm out of the picture, so hopefully this is the case this time. I couldn't imagine spending 10 weeks in his wrath!!!!


tscrapper said...

I've often wondered the same thing about deer and animals. Poor little guys!

Daddy Hitler--Love it! Hoping all goes well throughout the training. 10 weeks is a long time to be away.

Quilted Memories said...

He has also earned the name Car Hitler since he tends to be a little over zealous about noise in the car. Hope he learns how to have fun while I'm gone. I leave 9/14-10/9, back for a week, then off again 10/19-11/21...Hope to keep my head on at the airport!

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