Oh, what a tangled web we weave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so life's really not that bad, but I figured I would use this as a precursor to my crazy life and Halloween!!!! I haven't been posted lately (duh!), but that's because life has taken an interesting twist....I am one week and two days into my second set of training. I didn't go home the first four weeks but Bob did visit one weekend. I got 10 VERY short days at home, then back for five more weeks. This time I'm going home every two weeks, but somehow this stint feels so much longer already!!!!

Halloween: My favorite holiday ever!!!!!! I was always sick on Halloween as a child, so I think I try to make up for it now. I decided since the boys are still young (5 & 7), this may be my last chance to dress them up as clowns....so we (as a clown family) are attending the Boo @ the Zoo on Saturday. The closest I could get Bob into a clown outfit was the clown from the Saw Series (see above). I was a bad seamstress and bought the boys' clown outfits -- truly it was cheaper than to buy fabric, BUT I made mine!!!! OK...I'm still making mine, but it will be done by the time I pack up all my stuff on Thursday. I'm going as Cutesy the Clown!!!!

Our town doesn't really have a REAL trick-or-treat: Today, Benjamin (via the Boys & Girls Club) got to "beg" at the local university. Of course, the college kids went all out, creating a haunted house and had a pizza party for them afterward!!!! Friday at 3pm (YES, 3PM) they can visit the local merchants downtown. THAT'S IT.....REALLY!!!!!! Don't know what the hell's up with these people?????????? OK, most of them are Bible beaters, so it's probably the whole devil/satan/going to hell thing!


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