IRS - Here I come!!!!!!!

Friday was a GREAT DAY!!!!!! I have been offered an auditing position with the IRS in Birmingham, Alabama. Not much more money, not much travel, but Bob will have to stay home with the boys since my first two years have training about every six months for 4-6 weeks out-of-state. I'm sure he doesn't mind. The car industry really isn't doing well, and there are so many projects at the house he'd like to get finished. I plan on taking my sewing machines with me to be able to keep up on projects...and maybe even have more time to do samples!!!


tscrapper said...

I'm so happy for you!

Quilted Memories said...

Now, if I could get Bob to realize this...he was all excited before I realized it was a lower position than I expected (by about $10K); but they will match what I'm making now which wasn't a problem when he was off in March. I go making a pros & cons list to convince my CON!!!

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