Visitors from another land...

Well, Bob's Dad is bringing his girlfriend and her parent down from Ohio to visit for a couple days. I can't wait for the boys to see them. Even when we lived in Ohio we didn't get to see his parents much, even though they only lived 80 miles away (should I mention I drove within minutes of their houses everyday to go to work?). Anyway, Bill came down in May of last year, so he's been to Casa de Montevallo. His mom's driven to Florida numerous times since we moved her in November, 2006. She drives RIGHT THROUGH Alabama to go to their Florida destination and have not stopped to visit!
We made our trek up to the nether regions of Ohio in March, so it hasn't been that long since the boys have seen their Papaw. But still, I'm sure they will be surprised. A noon arrival time has been set; the boys don't even know they are seeing them pull up should be exciting. Of course, I won't be there to see it since I'm at work.


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