Nothing truly special...

I just wanted to say hello to all my goofballs out there that like to check in and see what's happening in the world of "Sharp". Not much really, we're dealing with the typical summer chaos. Benjamin goes to the Club everyday and is enjoying immensely. Cohen is having a hayday at Nan & Pap's. Bob has sold some cars, but I don't know if it's enough to clear his guarantee. I'm just trying to keep myself from sleeping too much. I need to finish Ms. Traci's clothes, so she can enjoy them before the Ohio summer fades away. Still waiting on UM to call and offer me the Grant Administrator job, but the good thing is they are also looking for the supervisor to this position, so maybe that's why they are taking so long. Our second batch of little birdies have left the nest in the crook of the porch. We still don't have air conditioning, which is showing to be miserable as the heat index rises. Bob has a few more things to do (which hopefully he'll finish on Thursday) then we have to get the certified guy out there to hook up the last remaining items. I am hoping by July 1, we will have AC. Get to go for a colonoscopy next Friday to determine the origin of all the abdominal discomfort, pain, and bloating (tired of looking like I'm 5 months pregnant when I've lost weight!). Hopefully this will help in the correct arthritis diagnosis as well. Learned my biological nephew has rheumatoid arthritis which may just throw me into that category anyway. We'll have to wait and see...Rheumatologist isn't again until August.


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