Banners, Banners, Banners

I posted three banners on Etsy this weekend. I just posted my tool rolls on there too for Father's Day. I had wrenches strewn all over the living room over the weekend!!!

I am so excited to see what this week brings. I have a doctor's appointment today, an interview for two positions tomorrow (not holding my breath, there's still a commute), but the BIG thing I'm waiting for is a call from University of Montevallo regarding their Grant Administrator job. This is the one that they've called 2 out of 5 of my references already!!! It would be sooooo nice to be so close to home. My life would be 2 steps away from perfect! Joy and rapture!!!!!!


The Good Witch of the South said...

Big thanks to Traci for featuring me in her blog about Father's Day gifts!!!! Smooches!

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