Ho, ho, hum!

I felt like Cohen wasn't getting enough face-time elsewhere, so here's a pic of him in Bob's sunglasses putting on his seatbelt with a straw in his mouth...At least it was a straw; you never know with him (it's like he's still two!).

Wasn't feeling well last night, so I just surfed the web and hit the sack. I re"faced" my Etsy page, so I guess that was a bit productive.

Ya know this whole "say only positive things" policy I've instituted lately? Well, it seems to be working. I got an email from another reference for the University saying they've heard from them too (2 out of 4 if you're playing at home!!!). I put in a couple applications at a subsidiary of Blue Cross/Blue Shield on Tuesday and the recruiter was emailing me by Wednesday afternoon!!! Of course, I didn't realize til last night when I was surfing the web. She emailed Wednesday & Thursday...so Tuesday at 9am, I'll be interviewing!!!

A friend from the City of Birmingham and I are going out to lunch today ;o) I don't do that often. I usually sleep, work on sewing projects or play the highly addictive solitaire on my new phone!


tscrapper said...

Yay, karma is working in your favor!

The Good Witch of the South said...

Benjamin and I have been having some "deep" conversations over karma...especially for a 7 year old! I keep telling him if he does nice things for me, his brother, kids at the club, he will get good things in return. Can't wait to see what this week brings!

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