My horoscope for the day...

"Your confidence is healthy, but you could take it too far. You cannot do everything all at once, even if you think you can. You must choose your projects and your battles carefully and then give it your very best. If you try to take on too many things today, you'll probably long for a simpler way of living while sacrificing quality for quantity."

I have been making lists forever...mostly because my mind has left that part behind lately. But I'm finding if I make lists every night for the next day and a super-duper weekly one at the beginning of the week, it tends to keep me more on track and get more things accomplished. The hardest part of my weeks are the weeknights. When I finally get home (I leave work at 4:15, pick Cohen up by 5:15/5:30, pick Benjamin up by 5:30/6, finally get home between 6 & 6:30), I don't have the time, effort or stamina to do what I mapped out to do. Tuesday nights are ALWAYS library nights, so that's a guaranteed nothing night. But all the other nights, by the time we get home, get dinner, do some baths, and see what's up for the next day, it's almost time for bed. Last night I felt so bad I ended up going to bed by 7:30...I could've easily done it by 6:30!!!

It's funny I actually heard myself reference "quality versus quantity" to Benjamin just the other night in the car. Can't remember what I was talking about, but I know it's very difficult to come up with an explanation of what quality means for a seven year-old! My rheumatologist already told me to give up my night job (or weekend job as it's turning out to be), it's putting too much stress on my body as well as my relationships with Bob and the boys. I feel like I have too much invested now: I got a website, a room, an embroidery machine, fabric out the hoo-hoo and all sorts of other fun could I just give up now? When I get my job at University of Montevallo, life will turn into a piece of pie. I can reduce my commute by 1 1/2 hours each direction and look at all that time I gain at the end of the week!!!!


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