My little prince

Benjamin has invited me to his Mother's Day Tea in his first grade room tomorrow. I'm sure it's going to be so sweet. I'm taking the camera since I never have any pics of me and the first born. Benjamin's my soft heart...he will stand up for me no matter what. Bob will call me mean; Bug will stand between me & Bob and fight about it with him. I hope he stays that way when he gets older.

I know I'm easier on him than Cohen, but it's just because Bob is so hard on him and easy on Cohen...I guess because Cohen is exactly like me/Benjamin like Bob. So guess it's obvious to be attracted (NO, not THAT way) to the one you're married to...

I can't wait to post pictures on here and Facebook :o) He is going to be such a proud peacock to have his Momma there to celebrate tomorrow. He likes showing me off to his friends.


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