Ah...what's a girl to do????

I got my results back...arthritis and more inflammation - NO cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. I'll get more on drugs, specific diagnosis (over 100 kinds of arthritis out there), and prognosis. I'm on my doctor enforced diet (lost 3 pounds in a little over a week!).

This is Bob's last month at home. We are expected to order our furnace/AC this week!!! He got our new range hood hung in the kitchen...looks so awesome!

Benjamin is enjoying baseball. His class is having a Mother's Day Tea on Friday at school :o) Benjamin will be going to the new Boys & Girls Club in Montevallo this summer for $125!!!!! For the WHOLE summer!!!! There were 50 spots (ages 7-12)...he gets to go swimming at the University pool two days a week.

Cohen is still Cohen...he's decided he's not going to Kindergarten. He's going to turn one again. How do explain to a five year old that doesn't work??? Cohen is staying with my mom and dad this summer, Benjamin was too until the deal of the summer came around...he's my social butterfly, he wouldn't have been happy with just Nan, Pap and Cohen for company.

I'm still busy with Quilted Memories projects. To the right is Mona...she's my new model!!! Got a great deal on eBay. I never imagined myself in the clothing business, but I'm doing pretty good since I'm working without patterns. I'm still doing my traditional stuff...one of the newest suggestions has been shower curtains. One of my color combos on the left. I have to actually get cracking and make my 72"x72" curtain. I'm also doing patriotic coasters & pot holders for Memorial/Independence Day. I'm also trying to get Tool Rolls started for Father's Day...yeah, I'm a little busy...this darn full-time job is getting in the way of the fun!!!!!!!!


tscrapper said...

Love the color combo for the shower curtain! I think Bob and Cohen should be your elves and cut fabric, measure, etc. as "math" lessons for you. Seriously, it's math and is a win-win for everyone. :)

The Good Witch of the South said...

That would mean I wouldn't be getting my other "projects" done, like the furnace/ac, light switches rewired, range hood installed. I'm just afraid he's being stuck in front of a TV all day...but he is one that likes to stay up your butt and ask a million questions.

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