Aw, what will the week bring?

I have decided I will get one of the jobs at University of Montevallo (read: five miles away from the house)! If I believe it, it will happen, right? This will allow me more time with Bob, the boys, and sewing all these projects I have.

I have started on my Memorial/Independence Day projects: Patriotic table runner, napkins, decorated kitchen towels, coasters, and pot holders!!!! I've also been recruited for another clergy cassock. Then of course, I still have Ms. Traci's alterations, skirts and shirt. UGH! I need to make more of my time.

Had a good Mother's Day with two new beautiful flowers and Benjamin's sentiments from school: "My mom is cute! My mom should be mom of the year because she says goodnight when I go to bed. My mom can help me tak out the trash. My mom can help my dad work and help me do my homework! My mom helps me get ready for school. My mom is nice!!" Such a sweetie!!!!


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