A Monday disguised as a Tuesday...

I had a pretty good weekend. I went to the rheumatologist on Friday. Unfortunately she still doesn't know what's wrong with me. She's sending me for a couple different tests to see if they will bring a "TADA" to light. Right now, I'm in line for about 50 of the 100 types of arthritis and of course, we have to get the right one in order to pick the right medication for the job. Mom and I had a wonderful day on Friday. We left at 10am and got back at 730!!! Bob was hot...he didn't expect us to be gone that long (my doctor is notorious for 1 1/2 hr wait with a 1 1/2 hr appointment!!!) She changed some meds but nothing too drastic.

Saturday and Sunday were spend cleaning. Bob's been so busy with the boys and the furnace, he hasn't had time to do the semi-important stuff...laundry, picking up, etc. Sunday was dinner with the parental units, so that's good.

Yesterday we took the boys to Alabama Adventure (the KI of the south). They LOVED it. Benjamin even rode the big boy rides with Bob. I got some major sun though, so my shoulders and chest are still a little warm and red today. I probably blew my diet since nothing I ate yesterday was OK. Especially the turtle sundae I had at DQ!!!! Oh well, it was worth the splurge to see the boys' faces as they rode those roller coasters. I'm 181 today though!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 pounds down, only 41 more to go!!


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