How does time pass so fast?

Today is Benjamin's last day of First Grade!!! I feel so old. He had two teachers this year; they are in an L shaped room so they combined two classes. It worked out really well. The other teacher made a DVD for all the kids with tons of pictures from throughout the year set to kid music! It was so great to have it for his know, like the naked butt bath pictures!!!!

Benjamin is SOOOOO excited about going to the Boys & Girls Club this year. He gets to go swimming twice a week, rain or shine at the University. Cohen is excited to be going to Mom & Dad's for the summer. With Bob working in the basement on the furnace all week, he's gotten a bit of a taste for it since she's taken care of him (SPOILED???) It's going to be a logistics nightmare in the morning, but it will be worth it to save the $280/week we would have paid to the Elementary School for summer camp. Bob goes back to work on June 1 (thank goodness); he's such a moody butt lately and I'm sure it's because of Cohen's incessant talking and questions. He's either gifted, ADHD or just plain dumb. He'll look at you with a broom in your hand and ask, "Are you sweeping?" Of course, his Ls sound like Ws, so you're never sure if he said sWeep or sLeep.

Decisions, Decisions...I can't decide if I want to change the name of my business. A majority of my work is not quilts, so I think it's a misnomer when people look at it and pass it by. I am SO much more than quilts!!! Of course, speaking of quilts, I spent most of last night and today finishing the piece to the right. It's a 66" x 87" T-shirt quilt. I know, strange angle for a picture, but I couldn't reach the new tension wire Bob put up in my sewing room and I need pictures quick to send to the buyer. I had to stand on a chair cause I couldn't stand back far enough to get the whole thing in the picture.


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