More issues than a magazine stand

The more I try to understand myself, the more I get into a quandary. I broke down and read my horoscope or whatever those things are called (Zodiac Personality Profiles?), as well as my relationship horoscope. It fits me (and Bob) to a T!!!! However, I am not comfortable with some of the characteristics I found to be prominent as an Aries; I don't know how to change those. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the narcissistic one. A lot of the decisions in my life do not coincide with this, therefore, I'm having trouble living out the mistakes. I don't want to admit fault, I don't want to go on living my life miserably, I don't know how to change the characteristics or situations that are making me so pissy. I feel like all I do is bitch and moan about every little thing. People are going to get tired of that crap pretty soon, so then I'll be friendless too. I find myself blaming my action, activities, thoughts, feelings, etc. on those items which seem unchangeable by me...such as medications, horoscopes, external sources. UGH, totally confused and completely miserable as a person...wonder what the next life will bring. I think reincarnation is like the movie "Groundhog's Day" just keep coming back over and over until you get it right. Wonder if this is my first time trying this or my 100th and I just don't learn lessons real well.


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