“Say it aloud if you want it to come true”…

Ever since moving to the South, I have heard the adage often. I don’t know if it’s because people are more religious, superstitious or believe in karma. Whenever they play the lottery, they make sure to announce they are going to be the winner. Maybe it’s just always having a positive attitude or negativity will ultimately catch up to you.

I’ve decided to try this form of reality. Their lives seem to be much more peaceful and organized. So this is how I’m going to start my day…to list and read aloud all the things that are going to change my life. Thank you for being here to share it with me.

-- I have the best behaved, smartest, and down-to-earth children in the world.
-- The boys love to lend a hand, share, and provide an all-together enjoyable atmosphere.
-- I can sleep when I’m dead; each day is valuable and needs to be appreciated as such.
-- Our new budget is working out very well and allowing us to do more family-oriented activities.
-- I will always speak what’s on my mind, but in a way that is as least offensive as possible.
-- I will not revel in the pain of others for my own entertainment.
-- Vulgar language is for ignorant people, and I refuse to give into layman’s terms.
-- I am beating this pain; it has retreated to just a tickle.
-- My husband is a kind, generous and caring husband and father as well as most successful at his chosen profession.
-- Bob has learned being a husband and father means not always getting what you want.
-- Sacrifice should not be a dreaded word; it just shows us how frugal we can be.
-- I am getting a job closer to home, increasing my family’s quality time together.
-- My parents will bend over backwards to help us, even if it is difficult for them.
-- My diet is working out splendidly as I am losing weight at a comfortable rate.
-- I can give up sweet tea and other bad vises easily due to my strong willpower.
-- My Etsy business is successfully; I am completely capable of balancing it with my other responsibilities.
-- Each of these items is equally valuable in the evolution to a peaceful, less chaotic, and Zen life.


tscrapper said...

True, but really ambitious! Good luck!

The Good Witch of the South said...

Hey, it got a call to one of my references for a job at UM!!!! However, it's been two days and I haven't heard anything from them :o( They "supposedly" want someone by July 1...so they better hurry up so I can give my two weeks notice!!!!!

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