Christmas in Montevallo yesterday!!!

Not only did our furnace/ac come on a 40' long semi (which will NOT fit anyway up our driveway), but Bob also received his grout gun (a really cool invention that puts the grout in the seams...with all our tiling projects, we needed this YEARS ago). We also go our new upgraded cell phones. OK, I've never thought I could love a material thing, but this phone is like a computer about the size of a business card. Since I'm so losing my mind (thank you Arthur Itis!!), I have my whole life on a flash drive. Now I can keep it on my phone with a back up on my computer. Ahhhhh, technology. The tree guys have taken another two loads of trees (for all of you playing at home that makes 6 loads of trees). So, we'll be getting our check shortly for all the timber...more Christmas!!! And I'm so excited, Mona was at the house yesterday!!!! Apparently she's been there for a week, but with all the boxes and other crap around the house I didn't notice until yesterday, so it just topped off Christmas in May!!!!

Benjamin has four more days of school and excited to beat hell!!!! He is such a social butterfly. Cohen has been back and forth to Nan & Pap's since Bob's been busy with trees and furnaces and grout, OH MY!!! So he's getting pretty spoiled for his next three month stint at the parental units.

I got to fabric shopping yesterday for a couple of new orders (banners...they are going to be SWEET!!!!)...sorry Traci, not rubbing it in :o) I plan to get my T-shirt quilt done this weekend. Since I'm feeling a bit better I haven't been sleeping at lunch...I'm been doing Quilted Memories almost makes the first 5 hours worth it!!!!


tscrapper said...

Wow, that is like Christmas! I can't wait to see your banners. I'm sure they'll look great!

The Good Witch of the South said...

I finished one for Benjamin's teach over the weekend. I can't wait to put it up.

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