Let it be COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!

We moved to Alabama November 1, 2005. Bob had come down and found an apartment and got a seven month lease. As a stay-at-home mom, I had nothing better to do than search the web for a house right...(read: no 20 neighbors upstairs or roaches from hell!!!!) We started looking at our now house in December. After all the trials and tribulations of buying through VA repo, we bought our house in March 2006. Of course, we knew it needed a lot of work and didn't have a working furnace...it literally had NO a/c cause someone stole it for the copper. We got all kinds of quotes to replace it with the lowest being about $12,000!!!! Yes, it's quite a large house with a finished basement.

We worked on it until our lease was up in May. I have been living on subfloor (you know the floor below the REAL floor) since then. Only the kitchen, laundry and hall bath have new tile. It's nice when you spill things cause it doesn't stain the carpet, hehehe!!! Until the beginning of 2007, the boys were able to dance in the rain...in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Bob and I got up on the roof and fixed that problem. I believe the roof is my favorite place in the house ;o)

The last two summers were torrential. I never realized how sick I really was until I spent last summer in 100+ degree heat for days (and nights) on end. We finally broke down and bought air conditioners for the bedrooms. I found a deal from a company in Kentucky. Bob got an awesome unit for $3,000 and is putting it in himself!!!! It was delivered today...we just ordered it TUESDAY!!!!!


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