Same Monday, Same Crap

I really, really, really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. After the rains this weekend, it got down in the fifties at night. I guess we must not have shut the windows or enough fans off in time cause it was really cold out there this know, out from underneath the covers.

Benjamin lost his fifth tooth this weekend. The tooth fairy brought him a dollar in his tooth pillow. I need to finish the rest of them so I can get some sold...I hang the pillow on the door instead of putting it under his pillow. Cohen was such a light sleeper, I was always afraid I'd wake him up since they've been sleeping in the same room for a while. Cohen has been preparing for his transition into Nan's house. Bob only has two weeks left before he goes to work, so there's a lot of loose ends to tie up (most of them attached to the furnace and ac!). He's still convinced he's going to turn one before Kindergarten so he doesn't have to go.

I finished my t-shirt quilt top this weekend. I think this one has turned out better than any of the other ones. I also made my first's for Benjamin's teacher, she's expecting her first child (Caiden) over the summer. It's going to be really nice. I'm finishing it at lunch. Gotta go to Walmart again after work to pick up items to finish the quilt...I'm really going to hate them getting rid of their Fabric Dept. :o(


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