Pretty, pretty princess on a unicorn

I love when Cohen calls me that...he gets this little twinkle in his eye and the dimple in his cheek goes extra deep. He loves watching the "Mighty B", which is where the name came from...Instead of calling me Mom or Momma, he'll say "Beautiful", which he's heard Bob refer to me.

Benjamin is usually my biggest sweetheart. He and Bob are so much alike it's not funny...I don't know if I can deal with two of them when he gets older. Now that they have bunk beds I don't get to crawl in bed with them at night to tuck them in, but Benjamin is perfect height to put his hand on top of my head...I have to tiptoe to get over the rail to give him a smooch. He lies there at night and gazes in my eyes as we sing our songs. This morning he was soooo tired. Bob couldn't get him out of bed. So I went over and he laid his head on top of mine just cuddling. Then he saw Tilly (Mom's little beagle puppy). That got him out of bed quick. He is definitely not like Bob in that respect. He just lights up when he sees an sweet.


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