Be careful what you wish for...

Well, I've been bitching, whining and complaining about all that ails me...all I wanted was a diagnosis in order to treat "something". Well, I should've been more careful what I wish for...I guess it's still better to know than to keep throwing drugs at it and missing!!!!

I go for my bone scan on Wednesday. The rheumatologist said it is abnormal for such deterioration to occur in only four years. So, it can be as a "small" as osteoarthritis (which equates to weekly shots in the stomach for $600/month AFTER insurance and probably disability) or as "large" as bone or bone marrow cancer. Yeah, I don't particularly vote for either one of those, but hey, what's a girl to do???? I got my wish answered, now I got to face the music.

But it's going to be such good music...just like the flash drive Bob loaded up for me. I listen to it everyday for 8 hours a day and very rarely hear the same song in a week!!!!! How's that for service.

I figured I've watched Mom go through eight brain surgeries and I hope she has made me as strong as she I can do this. Just wish the boys were a little bit older so they could understand why Momma doesn't always feel like playing.


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