Another day in the big city

I worked a whole 2 hours before I left today. I was so tired, I was almost passing out at my desk. Yeah, real comforting thinking I drove an hour home that way!!! It's still storming, saw on MSN where the Southeast is getting tornados. We really need to get these beautiful trees out of the front yard before anymore of them decide to fall on the house...Allstate really doesn't like that!

I got my embroidery machine today and not even in the mood to play with it. Tomorrow is baseball, Sunday is Easter at the parents' house. My grandmother finally goes back to Ohio Monday...thank goodness for Mom!!!

My hubby was so nice to take the boys to Walmart to get groceries so I could have some peace and quiet. Also, so I wouldn't have to go on Sunday...sleep in day for me :o) Lately, every day possible is sleep in day for me. I have such a wonderful hubby...I'm such a bitch and still puts up with me, finds me sexy, and wants to do things for me. I feel so horrible that when I do feel good I have so many other things to get done, he gets shafted and put to the end of the line. I hope someday we can finally get back from whence we came. I miss the way we used to live, love, etc. He does a great job controlling me (and Cohen) though. Don't know who else could conquer that chaos or would even want to...Love you, Bobert...


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