Howdy ho from the state of pollen...

Yes, it's that time of year again...we get to play in the pollen falling off the pine trees. Ohioans may not understand this because I had never seen anything like this before, but EVERYTHING gets covered in this fine mist of yellow pollen. Poor Bob's going to be blowing his nose every three minutes for a couple weeks.

NEW Rheumatologist: I have an appointment with my new one at 1:15 on April 14!!! Of course, you know it's bad when they tell you to call before the appointment to see what time you should ACTUALLY be there since she is habitual runner-over. So, it will probably be at 3...Next time I'll make sure to have a morning appointment. But I'm sooooooo excited; I heard about this lady from a gal at work. The doctor is really excited about "weird" diseases, etc. So I should be her entertainment for a while. I made the mistake of actually writing down all the medications I've tried, the syndromes/diseases I've been diagnosed with, surgeries I've had, and symptoms I have and how often. I was SHOCKED!!!!!!!!! I think they might need to check me for hypocondria. I was pissed to find out that the two doctors my GP sent me to weren't certified by the American Rheumatology Association; HELLO!!!!! We need to find out what's going on and you're going to send me to the Shot Nazis just because they are "in your hospital network"? UGH...I thought I was over that already.

Trip to Ohio: I had such a good time with my bestest friends in the world. I got to see Becky get her Outstanding Woman of Clinton County Award. I also got to see my Greg & Sheryl...oh, and I can't forget the ten doggies over the weekend!!!! I remember now why I like dogs so much - People don't look at you funny if you have a dog in a cage!!! The boys were actually really good on the trip up and back. I slept most of the way, but they were amazingly quiet and sane. Not either of which we get often (or often enough).

Etsy: I got soooooo much done yesterday. I sewed two strapless dresses and one top. I still have to finish my sorority quilt by Thursday, but I don't see a problem with that...Then I have a clergy robe (yeah, the Anti-Christ making anything that has to do with church - Hey, I take Godly money too), two strapless dresses and two jackets along with an order of four more t-shirt quilts (possibly seven)!!

Birthday: Ok, Sunday was the birthday...we were driving home from Ohio most of it. I don't know how 32 is going to effect me yet, but so far, so good. Guess it's just like any other day anymore. The boys made me a gigantic card from folded poster board...Bob got me some Miracle Grow & pots for my roses and a pedicure!!! Guess he knows if I feel good, he's more likely to get laid!!!


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