Ho, ho, hum!!!!

I'm in the middle of a religious debate with a pastor...see the point in this??? Yeah, I don't either. But I'm not one to quit or not give my two cents.

Well, Benjamin's been rained out of his Opening Day and going to miss the make up since we'll be in Ohio. Looks like we're going to have practice cancelled tonight as well.

I have my first staff meeting in 45 minutes, that should be a blast.

Went to the dr yesterday. Apparently I'm not taking in enough fluids for a normal person, but I am also on a diuretic, so that's makes it even worse. Dehydration is making me miserable. Gotta find a new rheumatologist to do x-rays of my neck and spine.

Etsy is going well for me. I just completed one T-shirt quilt with another close behind. I have been drafted (and loving it) to make dresses, skirts, and shirts for my bestie, Traci. Of course, I've sold more already!!! Oh, yeah, and the pastor I'm in the debate with...I'm making him a clergy robe for him to preach in....Guess the Anti-Christ is fine as long as they're functional, huh? I've been learning how to make banners via some free software on the internet, so my Etsy shop has a couple different looking banners now...www.quiltedmemories4u.etsy.com.

Friday we're leaving for Ohio. Bob's dropping me off at my friend, Becky's...she's getting the Outstanding Woman award for Clinton County due to her work with the Humane Society...which I still do the books for...and I get to see Sheryl; she's my sounding board and usually a pretty good one that keeps me out of trouble.


tscrapper said...

I'm going to nag you now about drinking enough water everyday. Glad to hear my clothes are coming along nicely--can't wait to see them and wear them!

The Good Witch of the South said...

I need somebody to do it...I'm not very good at it. I tried to eat fruit all day today, but this morning I broke down and ordered a large Coke & cinnamon melt from McDonald's...I can't go an hour without something contrabanned!!!!!

I really do hope you like your clothes...I owe you more, I know!

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