Getting a little more "official"

Well, my labels have arrived!!! The first two have gone on lovely clothing I made for a friend in Ohio. And last night, after doing our taxes, we are getting back more money than we thought!!! So I will probably be purchasing that Brother SE-350 Embroidery & Sewing machine very shortly (oh and that little thing called a FURNACE & AC!!!!!). I will be able to embroider names, make pictures, etc. What out Martha Stewart...Amanda Sharp is on your tail!!!! Bob just called to say he found the cartridge for my IZEK, so I might be selling it to the lady that kept hounding me to take it down to $100!

Don't see us having a baseball game tonight after the 3-6" of rain we got yesterday, but if we do I'll be taking my Spotted Box project (looks like it won't be til at least May now) or if we stay home, I will finish the sorority quilt and get it in the mail!!!! Then off to making more dressing, jackets, and the clergy robe OH MY!!! I'm so excited my business is finally starting to take off. I'm considering asking a local owner of Royal Duchess ( to see if she'd be interested in taking some orders.


tscrapper said...

Just wanted to say that the clothes arrived today and looked great! The labels really do add a nice, professional touch.

Post some of your sample photos when you get a chance. :)

The Good Witch of the South said...

Too bad they didn't fit!!!! I'm yelling at my clergy robe while you're enjoying the Caribbean...grrrr!!! Love ya.

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