Crazy life I have

Well, this is Bob's first day as a stay-at-home dad. The economy had gotten bad enough that we decided it would be good to reduce daycare & gas costs. Plus it'll provide him time to do some well-needed rehab on the house. THIS may be the year we get heat and AC PEOPLE!!!!!

Benjamin is now med-free. I'm not saying it's the easiest in the world, but I hate stifling his creativity. I just read an article on "unschooling" children at talking about embracing the crazy side and running with it for a while. You think Einstein would've been half of who he was if they kept telling him to follow the rules????

Cohen is in heaven. He is so excited to be staying home with daddy (i.e., the one wrapped around his little finger).

We're spending my birthday in Ohio. Ms. Becky is being celebrated and Ms. Sheryl is being invaded by me. The boys are going to Bob's family's...hehe, free me!! I can't wait though; I haven't seen these two best friends in over 2 years!!!!! Hopefully I can get in some other people while we're there but we're not staying long...Benjamin's on Spring Break & has a baseball game Monday. So, we'll leave Friday and on our way home Sunday.

New job's going OK. Still pining for the jobs at University of Montevallo....hello!!!! Less than 5 miles from the house, hook me up. All you praying people out there need to start for me!!!!!


tscrapper said...

Hope his first day went well, and the boys didn't get in too much trouble. :)

Happy early birthday!

The Good Witch of the South said...

THings went well. SO far Cohen is still living, but it's good today is Friday. He and I are staying home tomorrow (mostly so I can finish my T-shirt quilts) and Bob & Benjamin are going to "Clean up" day at the ball fields. Aaaaah, peace and quiet.

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