Once again a stay-at-home daddy!

With the economy taking its toll out on every industry, Bob and I decided it’s time for him to be a stay-at-home dad at least for a few months. We are hopeful by June 1 the stimulus package will be approved and the buying of cars starts again at least to get us through to the winter. June 1 is the first day of Summer Camp at their Elementary School. They can go there together since Cohen will be in KINDERGARTEN this fall!!!! Ahhhhh, no more daycare payments!!! Cohen is very excited about the decision. Of course, Cohen has Bob wrapped around his little finger, so he coddles him a bit. He stayed home with him almost eight months last year when Bob was laid off, so he knows how it’s going to be being back with dad full-time. During Benjamin’s baseball practices/games, each week Cohen and I are going to check out a book from the library on how to draw. His Papaw in Ohio gave them a wonderful art supply set for Christmas one year. So he and I are going to learn how to draw some different things. He’s gained homework every night. One reason was because Benjamin does, so it wasn’t fair Cohen would lollygag around the house, turn the TV on, etc. Another reason was because he reads and writes upside down and backwards! So every night, I use a highlighter and write his name, letters, numbers, etc. on a writing pad; he then traces the highlighter with a pencil to see how to write correctly. I’m sure there will be a couple nights we stay home and do Mom-mom/Cohen things (laundry, he loves to help with laundry and Mom-mom trying desperately to get two quilts done in a little over a month). I got an Etsy request to do two t-shirt quilts. So I’m going to start putting those together soon since I need to have them back to her by March 28. She’s getting married on 4/4/09 (which will be our 11th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and wants to have that as her gift to her new hubby.

Benjamin is not too happy about the new arrangements. He likes being social at school (or just not punished at home). I feel so sorry for this child. If there’s something Bob and I fight about most, it’s the raising of Benjamin. Between ADHD-Impulsive, outbursts, misunderstandings and his ability to be nothing but literal, we have a hard time explaining things to him and get him to understand why things are the way they are. Benjamin will be riding the bus to and from school (which is NOT happy about). But he will have practice three nights a week until games start; then two games a week (one always on Saturday) starting March 23.

This will give Bob a chance to work on some of the projects which have been stalemated at home. I’m hoping to be able to put away money each week, so we can buy things he needs to finish projects we started so long ago. He will also be able to run Benjamin to all his baseball practices and games!!!! He will also be able to have the house clean, dishes washed, laundry done and put away and I can actually start enjoying my weekends!!!!


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