Fibro Fog

The past week has been miserable. I don't know if I have been doing too much (which if you look at the house and my activities on the weekends, I have been doing NOTHING)! But I ended up going home within a half hour after coming to work on Wednesday. I got back home at 8:30, gave Bob & Giz a smooch and crawled into bed. I woke up for the first time at 2:40, but went back to sleep until 3:10. Today I feel like I could curl up on the floor of my office and sleep until 4:15 (it's only 7:18)...I've quit going to the Hitler doctor that just wanted to stick shots in my hips, it seems to have made my neck worse...figure that one. I have a crown that doesn't fit like it's supposed to, don't know how that happened, but my gums are so swollen above it, it only makes sense. My shoulders feel like I'm carrying the weigh of the world; even when I try to relax.

I'm excited there has been a new drug approved for Fibromyalgia called Savella. I've tried Lyrica and Cymbalta with no avail. Now it's just pain killers, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, and vitamins. I feel like a balloon losing its air. It starts with my head and goes to my feet, if I don't stop for a minute or two I will just turn into least that's what it feels like. If I try to push through it, I end up nauseaus and sick. Isn't there someone out there that can fix this???????


tscrapper said...

So sorry to hear that. Please take breaks when you need to and take care of yourself. :)

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