Life gets so much better as the sun rises and falls

That and the Prozac helps a bit when I remember to take it!!!!

NOTE: Please understand, in most government arenas, it takes FOREVER to get someone interviewed, selected, hired, tested, and placed...please read on:
Tuesday (1/6) I had an interview with Jefferson County Department of Health (; it went splendidly!!! I was the only one she interviewed; she offered to see if the Personnel Board would approve me for more money and sent me on my way. It went so well, I even learned she has family in Massachussetts & Wisconsin and her birthday is February 15! Wednesday (1/7), before 8am, she called to say she was sending my request for more money and we'd wait til they respond (sometimes taking up to two weeks). I also had my second set of hip shots that day (which my bruises still haven't wained). Friday (1/9), she called to let me know the Personnel Board had ALREADY approved my hire at my higher rate and they'd begin the process on Monday. As soon as my supervisor came in on Monday (1/12), I gave her the news and put in my three week notice. I studied really hard yesterday (1/13) and took my urine test around noon. Now I'm just waiting for the O.K. and for my last day of January 30.

Other news from around the house: We survived the full moon. Benjamin got a couple orange squares and Cohen's being whiny, but I believe we are over the hump! Tomorrow (1/15), I take Cohen to get assessed by the psychometrics regarding his hearing, speech and reading/writing upside down and backwards issues. Bob has an interview Friday with Hoover Toyota, a local car dealership doing more business than his current VW dealer. Benjamin and I are off on Monday for MLK Day, so we've scheduled doctor's appointments for most of the day; we go see his psychiatrist for his bi-monthly appointment. Tuesday, the City of Birmingham has shut down to celebrate Barack O'Bama's Bob and I are taking a playdate since he's off as well. We're doing some brunch, looking around at some consignment shops, etc. Just a day for us to be together since we don't get that much now.


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