Feeling crappy and sorry for myself for no apparent reason

I don't feel well today; Bob is home for his day off. The phones are driving me nuts with stupid people who don't know how to use the internet. I got two more steriod shots in my hips yesterday and one in my thigh muscle; now I have huge bruises. My head hurts from trying to get all this work done, and there's a leak under the wall in my office that's begun to mold...Oh Joy! I'm doing three jobs cause there are "government incompetents" everywhere.

Well, now that's off my chest -- I think I'm just in the lull of yesterday's excitement. I had an interview on Tuesday at Jefferson County Health Department. Sounds really great; it's only closer to home by a few blocks, but it does have better benefits like State retirement & State Health, life and dental insurance (i.e., with ten years of service, I can buy back my eight from Ohio!). So at 41, I can have 18 years in a retirement system; it only takes 25 down here to retire!!!!! I have to wait on the Appointing Board to approve me at my pay and I'll be able to put in my 2 weeks notice.

Thank goodness! I love my employees, but 11 direct reports gets old after a while. I'm definitely the type of girl that likes to sit down with her spreadsheet and crunch some serious numbers without having to deal with everyone else's dramas.


tscrapper said...

I hope you feel better. Tell Bob to be extra nice tonight. :)

Good luck w/ the interview. Retiring early would be great!

The Good Witch of the South said...

Things are going better today...see new blog. Bob is doing well when it comes to me. If not, you know where he'll end up!!!

Hope you're staying warm up north!

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