A Happier 2009

I ended up pissing Bob off on New Year's Eve night since I ended up asleep instead of doing "other things". I just spent most of the day in bed yesterday with a sore throat, body aches (which really aren't abnormal for me), "stomach issues", and head/neck ache...this pissed Bob off again. Today, Benjamin and I are doing our annual celebration of his birthday by going to the movies, out for lunch, then whatever else he wants for the day. I cannot believe he is 7 years old today. I try to think back on where I was seven years ago, and it's almost a blur now.

I have another appointment with my rheumatologist on January 7 for another round of shots in my hips. I'm hoping he can start looking at my spine & neck; not making me wait until he gets done torturing my hips. I wake up at night when I turn over 'cause it sounds like a cement mixer in my neck. Grinding and scraping....I think I wouldn't have such interrupted sleep if I could sleep through turning over.

Still have to make an appointment with my family doctor to review my MRI, blood counts, etc. since my last visit and the addition of a number of drugs. I have also found a new website from the National Institute of Health which accepts 100 patients each year which have undiagnosed issues. The doctor submits them and their history and they pick. However, even if you don't get picked, a number of times they will relay messages back to the doctors to provide possibly avenues of treatment. These are added to the file just in case they are picked next year!!!! I will be review this as soon as possible with my GP! Any bit of information is better than nothing at this point.


tscrapper said...

I hope that Benjamin had a happy birthday!!!!

The Good Witch of the South said...

He did. All he wanted was a "Sonic" game for his Nintendo DS he got for Christmas. So he has been happy for days now. :o) I'm going to go over and vote for the invites!!!

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