Tis the season to be nothing but pissy....

Why are all my days running together? And when did Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas become one HUGE holiday? I feel like I've been in materialist Christmas hell for months now. Thankfully Benjamin hasn't figured out Santa yet....I'm still hoping I can get through this year without having to break any news.

I still can't believe it's only one more month before Benjamin turns 7! SEVEN!!! And goodness knows he's smart as a whip. I think we're skipping the holiday pics from Walmart this year. I'm going to decorate around M&Ds fireplace and dress them up as cute little buttons. Then I can upload my pics to Walmart.com and have them print wallets, etc. Thought about taking them to the local park to get pics with the faces in the trees. See this cool website about the guy who built our house and is a local artisian (http://www.mitchellspublications.com/guides/al/mv/tingle/index.htm)


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