My typical day is killing me...

I'm trying to figure out how I got so old!!!!!!!!!!!!

Typical day: Up at 5; ok - 5:20 or so; showered, hair fussed and dressed; out the door by 6 with breakfast & lunch in hand; meet my carpool partner at 6:50; drive to work by 7:30; work my 8 hours, sometimes 9 without lunch; drop off my carpool partner or pick up my car by 5 (on a good day); pick Cohen up by 5:15 (no later than 5:30 or I can't get to Benjamin); pick Bug up by 6; drive home around 6:15; make and eat dinner; do homework; brush teeth and off to bed. There's also some additional things to add to this list: We try to do boys' baths at least 2 week nights, Thursdays are library nights, parades, traffic, there is no time to pick up milk, go to the ATM or anything.

Weekends are for chores!! Don't get them done, have to figure out how to fit them in during the week or no clothes to wear!!! Hair cuts, nail cutting, pictures, etc. has to wait until it's truly dire.


tscrapper said...

Wow! Sorry my dear, but your day sounds absolutely dreadful! We are old. I think that once you cross 30 and/or have kids, it hits you. :)

The Good Witch of the South said...

My boss has finally let me adjust my schedule to 7:15-4:15 which has allowed me to be over 45 minutes earlier! Amazing how that works!!!

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