Out of the mouth of Babes

I keep wondering what I am getting paid back for...what did I do as a child to deserve these children of mine???? They come up with the most outrageous and hilarious things to amuse (and embarass) me!

Going through the library on our weekly Thursday trip, I noticed they had the Smurfs on DVD. Thinking Bob and I really needed to introduce the boys to some old school culture, I popped it in the player last night and got comfy. Now, I was an avid Smurf-watcher in my day, but I had never seen the one where they created Smurfette. So all the while, we're watching the transformation from Gargamel's version (dark, scraggly hair and brown eyes) to the Papa Smurf's version (beautiful flowing blonde hair and blue eyes); Cohen leans over to Benjamin as they stare in awe at the TV and says, "Smurfette is Hot!!!" My jaw about dropped to the floor!!!!!!!!!! My baby just referred to an animated being in a sexual context at 4 YEARS OLD!!!!

This is the same child who has asked me how to write a lower case two, if I'm not his mommy cause I can't have babies anymore, or if he grows his hair out if he can be a girl. Benjamin's famous for wanting to pick vegetables at the Kinder "Garden", the moon is full because it ate too much. They are just too much! How am I going to handle them at 14 & 16 if they amaze me at 4 & 6?????


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