Feeling pre-thankful

I was in an impromptu meeting this morning with a taxpayer. It dawned on me that I may be his "pay-it-forward". If you haven't seen the movie, you must. It makes the absolute most sense. Anyway...he had fallen on some hard times, fell behind on taxes and such; this is my second encounter with the same person (the first time I turned him away). After listening to his story I realized this was my opportunity to right a wrong, to help out a member of society that may actually have to go under or shut their doors because of me. It was very disconcerning to think a man working 40 years in the same place would have to stop what he loves doing just because I couldn't comp a few fees.

Next week is Thanksgiving and I believe this is truly the first year I have thought about what it means. Even as a child making the pilgrim and indian paraphenalia in school, I don't think I thought deeply about it. This year I look back on all the preparation (we're using a map as the tablecloth; making turkeys from pine cones, feathers, and pipe cleaners; making Mayflowers out of construction paper and tooth picks) not to mention the food, but that's not my area. My favorite Great Aunt is coming down from Ohio this year (she's 85 and this may be the last time I see her). I started thinking that my family has never gone around the table to say what they are thankful for, so this year is going to be the beginning of a new tradition. I want the boys to appreciate what types of people they have in their life. Love people for their differences as well as their sameness. Be giving of support and you will receive more than you ever imagined.


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