Green breast discharge...

OK, now that I got your attention: I got the results to the MRI today...yep, normal. Can you believe they called me such a horrid thing????? Me...NORMAL?????

Anyway, I don't know where we go from here. I've had some new things pop up lately, so I don't know if they are indicative of anything new or interesting (medically, that is). Yep, I'm back at the original topic: Green breast discharge. This doesn't exactly appear normal to me (or my OBGYN either). She was truly expecting a tumor on the MRI to show up around my pituitary gland. This would explain a number of my issues, including the green stuff. It was a pretty green; one that you could use in the living room or bathroom. I know...Bob told me I was a sick bitch to even think of such a thing...hmmm, such is life. The tumor would push against the pituitary gland making it produce more prolactine than usual causing galactorrhea.

Anyway, here we are no further along than we were before.


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