The measurement of unknown

As of my last appointment with my family doctor, I have been trying to dispell the other diseases which can mask themselves as MS. Even if I don't have lesions to show up in the MRI, if we dispell the others through various treatments or tests, then it will be considered a pre-diagnosis and I can start clinical trials, medication, and knowing what types of items to watch for to indicate an episode. She ran an ANA blood test which shows the likelihood of other autoimmune diseases, which was negative. After eight vials of blood, she saw my liver, kidneys, thyroid, pancreas and ovaries are all functioning fine. I am taking B12 for the past couple days since my levels were the lowest of normal and a deficiency can mask itself as MS. So far we're down to only a couple more things it could be besides MS.

I have a symptom journal, so a month from now, I have a picture of the past month without having to try to remember it (considering memory is one of my problem symptoms). I have started back on the Prozac...should be self-explanatory on that one! I'm going to have to stay on the hormones til I hit menopause then go back and get the other girlie parts removed. And the anti-inflammatories are going to be needed since I can't go off of it without my eye going haywire. I would like to keep my sight since I might lose other abilities. Plus look at those beautiful boys of ours!!!!!

Well, my MRI is scheduled for next Friday at 7:15 AM. My carpool partner is going to drop me off and pick me up since it's only a couple of blocks away from work. I sure will miss her when she moves to Florida.

I think I'll actually be relieved if they find lesions signifying MS. At least I know what I'm up against. It's just so disconcerning when you don't know. There's so much research, grants, support groups, etc. to help the patients. The funny part is (if there is one) I took a listing to my doctor before I even thought about a Benjamin about MS and she had a fit. Just because you have symptoms that fit the profile, everybody thinks they are a doctor when they have the internet! I would like to throw this one back in Shelley Stanforth, M.D.'s face! Like it would help anything, but I am a pretty revenge-oriented person, so who knows.


tscrapper said...

I hope that you get the answers you need from the MRI so you can start getting some relief. Keep me posted, please. :)

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