A female Gregory House or Darlene Conner from the Rosanne sitcom

Yes, this is the description I have gotten describing me to a T. I have some good friends having issues describing me to others...well, here's your chance.

Bossy, Selfish, Insensitive bitch (lovely nickname given by hubby after I asked if he's mom finally called because someone died...it was her father; for the third time. Yeah, don't ask.), Cut throat bitch (fitting nickname applied by pastor employee), Blunt, Strong, Unforgiving, Smart Ass, Devil, Outgoing. If you know either of the characters listed above, you pretty much can figure me out.

Bob has always use the Darlene comparison, but after dying my hair black this weekend, I walked into work and my pastor employee just stared. Without provocation, he's called me Darlene ever since. He told me I could be her stand-in and no one would notice the difference.

I'm planning on getting pics this weekend of the hair to put on my sites. :o)


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