What is this world coming to?????

It's four o'clock, my children are attending their respective schools, and they have missed half of Trick-or-Treat in Montevallo, Alabama. Did you see....FOUR O'CLOCK!!!! Yes, Beggar's "Night" in Alabama is 3-5 pm on October 31 unless it lands on a Sunday (it's the Bible Belt, people). The kids are only allowed to go to businesses, no door-to-door like the old days...yeah, so old I can remember it vividly!!!

In the 90s, Beggar's Night got so bad with poisoning children, murder and vandalism, the government officials decided to start holding during the day so there would be less harm done. Can you believe this??????? I actually live in a town I would not consider dangerous. It's a college town about 1/2 the size of Wilmington, Ohio. They have a McDonald's, Piggly Wiggly & Dollar Store (don't forget about 30 churches), and I feel perfectly comfortable walking down the street alone at night. Of course, I don't at my own house because of all the woods and wildlife we've seen creeping at night, but in town is a completely different store. There's not a strip club, tattoo parlor, or bar in sight.

It's just hard for me to believe I have to keep an eye on my children at all times cause some freak with a hard-on for kids is going to steal them and use them in some crazy ritual sacrifice. What happened to going out and being able to be a kid; no wonder they're fat & lazy and addicted to video games.


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