It's a new day after all...

Kinda like going to DisneyWorld to see that annoying ride, it's a small world...well, it's a new day. Bob and I finally have started communicating even if it is via email. Seems to be we're really bad on that front. I think Bob hit is on the head when he said yesterday that via email I don't have to see the effect of words, therefore, I'm more likely to say what I feel. And ya know, I think that's right. I'm a pretty cut throat bitch (a lovely nickname given to me by one of my employees -- he's a pastor), but when it comes to just cutting some people to the quick, I do have a heart. The doctors have confirmed that...a heartbeat & blood pressure!!!

We've made some concessions, compromises, agreements, what have you; my day got better as soon as it was off my chest (now if I could get rid of the double Ds that reside there, I'll be even better!). I have revisited a little friend named "Prozac" which seems to have helped my mood immensely in addition to the venting.

I slept better last night, except of course for the sound of dogs barking. Don't know if they were neighbors dogs that got loose (closest neighbor is over 1/2 mile away) or coyotes. They drove me crazy; they were still howling this morning when I got up.


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