It's only hump day....

Most the time I don't even feel like humping...even if it is hump day!!! Had a migraine last night, in the weirdest spot...right above my left ear. Of all the ones I've had, never there. Thankfully, it's not here today, but I am feeling the leftover effects.

I just got another request for a strapless dress! Just need to get measurements for the two I have and I'll be on my merry way. I also need T-shirts to do the T-shirt quilt and the terry cloth gown is underway! Just a little bit at a steps!

Have a 7 year-old still wetting the bed...any suggestions?

Cohen is a Mini-Manda & I'm not liking it one bit!!!

I'm forgetting a lot lately, maybe the rheumatologist will find a fix for that in August.

Speaking of August, if you are a prayer soul I need you now more than ever. If not, I need you to cross your fingers. There's a big, life changing event about to occur and with your help, it will happen!!!!!

I finally found the lights I want in the kitchen. They would match perfectly with the multi-colored Fiestaware. They have all sorts of different styles which would make it easy to decorate the entire kitchen/dining combo with peacock feather lights!!!! I also found the Shower I want to install in our Master Bath (someday!).


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