La la la la la la (to the tune of the Smurfs, of course)!

Benjamin is becoming such a young man. His fifth tooth has started coming through the gums, so it'll be knocking out a few more soon, I'm sure. He can make the most awesome whistle, though!!!

Cohen is being effected horribly by the full moon. For those of you who also have kids affected, the next one is July I should be griping again around then (Benjamin is the week of and Cohen is the week after). It's like PMS, you really only get two good weeks out of a month!!!!

Speaking of PMS, I'm pretty sure my ovaries are still doing their job but failing miserably. The last estrogen count I had was 57 (which is usually what menopausal women receiving hormone treatment are), however, my other test which shows if you are or not in menopause said no. But the rheumatologist told me to be on the lookout for: Irregular periods & Decreased fertility were taken care of by the hysterectomy, Vaginal dryness - don't think so, I'll have Bob check ;o), Hot flashes - I've had some major ones lately, but then again I don't have A/C, Sleep disturbances - This is normal for before the hysterectomy, Mood swings - Hello, my whole life is a mood swing, Increased abdominal fat - Have you seen my apartment?, Thinning hair - I could actually use this one, Loss of breast fullness - Great, they are going to hang lower than they did before! I guess in this case I could be on my way...Yeah, another surgery to remove my ovaries (I'm only excited because she said she'd give me a tummy tuck too while I was there!!!!).


tscrapper said...

Sophia's having a great week this week, so I hope it's not next week when we're out of town.

Hopefully you'll get your tummy tuck soon!

The Good Witch of the South said...

Me in a speedo!!!!

It won't be next week, it'll be the week after you get back, like it was after the cruise. Beware!

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