Bitch, whine, complain and grumble...

I get in a bitchy mood when it's going to rain. My body feels it days before it actually shows up and then a couple days after it's gone. All week it has rained off and on so there has been no reprieve. The southern most school didn't even have school today and Benjamin's is cancelling all after school activities. We're supposed to be in for tornados and crap around 4....Yippee, maybe it'll take the house and I can be over the rainbow too!!! There's no place like home, ya know!

<----The clergy robe I'm making.

I have sold my sewing machine to a girl that doesn't even know what a bobbin is...yes, she admitted this to me! What you say...crazy girl sold her sewing machine and has projects on worries my friends, I have placed an order for my new embroidery/sewing machine!!! As I type, Bob and my dad are ripping a wall out of my sewing room...and building another one. Yeah, sounds crazy, but you know me....anything in the name of progress (and me getting a bigger slice of the house). I'm very limited in what I'm allowed to touch in the house...even Bob's doing MY sewing room. I guess I better get used to being the only girl in the house...doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon....unless of course, Cohen doesn't quit screaching like an owl everytime he seems Barbie as Thumbelina and the Diamond Castle. Hey, it runs in the family; he'll find us a good son-in-law....Damn, then I'll be even lower on the girl totem pole!

The Sorority Quilt I finally finished ----------->

Next week we sign Cohen up for Kindergarten......YEAH, FREE DAYCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the definite kabosh on getting a girl. Don't think I can live with more daycare payments & I sure as crap and NOT a stay-at-home mom type of gal. Guess Bob could continuing being a stay-at-home dad...he might actually like it if Cohen wasn't home. I believe we're going to have to start spreading Benjamin's ADHD meds over his cereal in the mornings....I have NEVER seen a child that can talk like that one.


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