Free at last, free at at last!!!!!

I'm so excited to start my new position. My boss is just the greatest. Of course, I haven't worked for her, but just in conversation, it was just like being with my old pal, Becky. We were completely compatible. I will be back to normalcy...the white side of the world.

I hated leaving my position at the City, but I just could NOT be micromanaged. I love my employees and would do anything for them, but I was more of a protector from the dragon lady. The good news is that the Finance Director is very accommodating about me coming back one way or another. I found my comfort spot at the City...I always wondered why I never felt like I belonged. I like bright colors, talking loud, using odd words; I've come to believe my biological mother had a bout of jungle fever. It would explain a lot after my experiences at the City.

I hope this one lasts for a while, I believe I either have ADD or Career ADD. I don't tend to stay at one place over 2.5 years. But at least up North I could switch under the State of Ohio umbrella. I'm under State Retirement again, so I hope to be able to buy back my eight years from Ohio. So at 41, I will 18 years toward retirement!!!


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