Biological relatives

As most of you know I was adopted from within family. I used to talked to my sister/cousin, Missy, all the time; but not for a while. Then there was a period of about a month that I talked with my other sister/cousin, Tonya. But I haven't talked to my brother/cousin, Jaime, since the day Bob and I got married!!!

Well, when Mom & Dad took Grandma up to Ohio for her three month stint with my aunt, they ended up visiting one of my other cousins, Andrea. She had run into Jaime a few times at the local convenience store she where she worked. So she invited him, his girlfriend and son over to visit while my parents were there. Thankfully they did so Mom got his information.

The 28th was his 33rd birthday; so I got his information from Mom and sent him a note wishing him happy birthday. So he sent me a response and even set up a Facebook account!!! It's been over 11 years, I'm hoping he and I can catch up.

It's kind of odd to discuss stuff with sibling/cousins, and we all have our mental issues: "thanks, biological Mom"! But I hope things work out for the best.


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