Bullcrap....total BULLCRAP

My best employee came to me yesterday almost in tears. He said he had to leave and wouldn't be back until Monday. Never seeing him like this, I kept asking questions (which he refused to answer). The only thing he gave me was that he was protecting me and if he saw a particular person he was going to hit them. So, I had been beating it to death for hours til he finally called later last night to tell me what happened.

Apparently one of our known "snitches" in the office decided she would stir up some trouble my last Friday at work (I still have four days next week, but Friday is well-care appointments for the boys before starting the new job). Come to find out, Ms. Snitch went to our boss to say I was sexually harassing my employee and making degrading remarks on my Facebook account regarding him. THEY even got on my Facebook account to look at my page!!! Our boss (a minister of many at the City) confronted my employee (also a minister) about me harassing him. She asked if I showed him my underwear while wearing a skirt....HELLO!!!!! Everyone in the world knows I also wear hot pink biker shorts under my dresses...EVEN my wedding dress!

So the witch-hunt should continue on Monday. I have blocked all City employees from my account so they can't access anything else. Here's the kicker...my boss is pissed because I took this new job and feels like I'm stabbing her in the back. She is historically known to block transfers to other Departments, so I used her boss (the Assistant Director of Finance) as my reference, so he will sign off on my transfer instead! The Finance Director has already congratulated me on my job and told me to tell my new boss, Gwen, "Hello", since they used to work together.

I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about next week as this works its way out. I'm finding out the most religious in the South like to tell everyone they are but their actions are completely unworthy of such an association.


tscrapper said...

Yep, only biker shorts for you. Stand your ground, babe! So sorry that someone is putting you through this, but just think, only 4 more days there.

The Good Witch of the South said...

Today they acted like nothing ever happened, which of course, doesn't go over with me. I was ready for a fight. You know me...beat it til it bleeds. Oh well, we're counting down...only 3 left!!!

Thanks for the love! How's the house selling & "scare"? I need updates!!!

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