Drama - some have it, some can handle it...

I went to pick Benjamin up from school yesterday as usual. I was signing him out when I heard this horrendous scream that only a mom knows is her child. I turned around to see Benjamin with his hand to his head, tears streaming down his face, and the teacher in absolute terror. He'd apparently taken a header into the cement block gym wall creating an instantly bruised goose egg. Two things make this a major issue: 1 - Benjamin is a pussy when it comes to pain; 2 - The teacher's reaction made him panic.

This is not the first time we've experienced this exact incident...of course, the first time he was two, at a wedding, and apparently drinking wine from the head table. He took a header into a steel door jam when he lost his footing. Bob and his mom freaked. I had to take him outside away from them all to be able to assess the damage...what's your name, how old are you, can you stand up straight? I ended up having to take him to Children's Hospital ALONE (Bob was the DJ at the wedding, and I didn't need a 3-month old Cohen making things worse). He was fine.

Yesterday finally turned sensible when I got the teacher removed from his sight. The panic in her eyes was making him cry harder. I took off my sweater, wrapped the ice in it and stuck it on his head as I convinced him everything would be fine. I made sure to give detailed descriptions of what the process was going to be in order to see if he was following directions or disoriented. He got a drink of water and walked out fine. I'm either an insensitive bitch or can handle chaos.


tscrapper said...

Good job, Mama! Glad to hear that he's ok, too.

The Good Witch of the South said...

Thanks! Be lucky you have a girl! Benjamin is definitely my accident prone one...we're used to drama.

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