What are they teaching my child?????

Benjamin was laying in bed Wednesday night and said innocently enough, "If Obama gets in the White House, he's going to put in a basketball court." My jaw dropped to the floor!!!!!! I have a two-prong theory on this...ONE: I minored in Peace in college and had my mom for a mother, so my days of seeing color have not even started, TWO: Once I moved to Alabama, I am convinced my father was of-color. The hair, the rhythm, the love of music, etc. Not that it makes a difference, except in hair care products (I have finally found my happy place with curls with the help of ethnic hair products).

Anyway, here I am appauled at the reference wondering if the school is making racist remarks to my impressionable little boy. (Yes, there are some areas racism runs rampant down here.) Anywho, then he starts spouting off the requirements to be president, the requirements to vote, asking Bob and I questions as if my mouth could drop open even farther. The child is in FIRST grade!!! He asked if we were going to run for president when we were old enough, if we are going to vote since it is our obligation to our country, who we're voting for and why!

HELLLLLLLLOOOOO!!!!! You are 6! He proceeded to tell us that John McCain's daughter wants to put more art in the White House if he's elected. They both have two daughters and are married. I have sent a note to his teacher inquiring about the remarks and also suggesting they should have a mock election. He asked if could go into the booth with me when I vote so he can "experience the freedom bestowed upon us by the Constitution". Good grief...

By the way, he's decided he would vote for Obama, but he's confident McCain is going to win. If he's right, he and I are playing the lottery on the 5th!


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