Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, as most of you know, we bought "The Money Pit". The foreclosed house, empty for over a year, with LOTS of potential. Bob and I (yes, you read that right...I love power tools) roofed the house last year. We just recently had all of the beautiful (but messy & dangerous) pine trees removed out front [8 semi truck loads]. Bob gutted the kitchen and is 3/4 the way done tiling the walls with slate. He put our new range hood up (still not working, but up) over the Spring. The furnace and air conditioning are in (still not working), the bathroom needs spackled, taped, and sanded...only THEN can we paint. He recently removed two closets, built a new closet and restructured my sewing room. Needless to say our house is a WRECK!!!!!!!!! I have pics of the renovation on MySpace and Facebook.

Bob's dad has told us on numerous occasions he was planning on coming down to visit. So needless to say, we figured he wouldn't go through with it this time either. SURPRISE...he, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's parents are coming to visit the 29th-31st. So this weekend has been nothing but cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. How do you clean a mid-renovation house????? I really don't think you can. Bob has adopted our future TV room as his "crap room"; filled with all those things that haven't made it to the basement cause we MIGHT need them to finish a project upstairs -- tool boxes, 2x4s, drills, miscellaneous furniture that doesn't have a home, insulation, on and on and on and on. We got the house to a suitable "let people in" mode, but there is still SOOOOOOO much to do. At least the double mattress and boxspring are out of my hallway...they are now in my sewing room where they are going to sleep. Now what are we going to do with the outside we haven't touched in years???? This is really putting a dent into my Happiness Project!!!

Oh, and did I mention I have 2 adult strapless dresses, 1 T-shirt quilt, possibly 1 shower curtain, 1 gown, and 1 banner to do? Not including the reusable sandwich bags I want to get made for website samples!!!


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